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British Virgin Islands / Crescent Corporate Services Limited

Crescent Corporate Services Limited

Crescent Corporate Services Limited

Licensed Registered Agent of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

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Full Description

Crescent Core Offshore Services:

British Virgin Islands company formation
Amendments, memoranda and articles
British Virgin Islands trust formation
British Virgin Islands Shelf companies
Offshore captive insurance companies
Ship, yacht, vessel, and boat registration
Aircraft registration
Offshore banking licenses
Legal services

Crescent Offshore Value-Added Services:
Company management and administration
Corporate support and British Virgin Islands mail-drop (mailing address)
Mutual funds
Offshore banking
Corporate accounting and audit services
Software escrow
Support for obtaining private equity
Support for listing at the world-leading venture stock exchanges
British Virgin Islands domain name registration (.VG)

Eligibility for Offshore Services
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PSC Programs and Strategic Alliances
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